MOAM x Mugler in Kunsthal

In February of 2020, ten of the most talented fashion designers in the Netherlands will showcase their interpretations of the iconic work of Thierry Mugler in Kunsthal Rotterdam. Not only will they be shown side-by-side Mugler’s original exhibition, but they are available to public visitation for the duration of a month.

Thierry Mugler is known for his experimental, avant-garde approach to the world of fashion and art, integrating and challenging visions of gender and femininity. This exhibition demonstrates a selection of Mugler’s most iconic and intriguing couture collections, the perfect sample of the designer’s unique vision.

To kickstart the exhibition month, an opening event will be held on February 6th, allowing the artists to discuss and show their work to a large, but intimate audience. After all the formalities, a party will be held (with DJ!). Similarly, a closing party will be held on March 7th, coinciding with museum night Rotterdam. Mugler’s presence will also be expected.

The artists of MOAM x Mugler in Kunsthal:

Axel Verwee | Lina He Lau | Otilia Vieru | Perrine Philomeen | Rosan Selles | Suza Vos | Tim Dekkers | Vincent Wong | Renee Kraaijvanger | Patrick Hiemstra


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