Ouderenfonds x MOAM

In 2020 a regular Mother’s Day, when you bring a visit to your grandmother, mother, great-aunt, favourite teacher, nurse, or babysitter from back in the days, was impossible. That’s why MOAM has developed an initiative that enabled people to express their appreciation to their loved ones. The initiative encouraged people to surprise their loved ones with an exclusive package, of which all profits are donated to Nationaal Ouderenfonds.

The package fitted through the mailbox and was sustainably produced in the Netherlands. It consisted of an exclusive double card designed by illustrator Sella Molenaar, a wooden holder with a glass vase and, of course, a bouquet of Dutch flowers. In other words, this initiative also supported young talent and local entrepreneurs. Among others, Tjitske Reidinga, Heleen van Royen, Angela Schijf, Freek Bartels, Victoria Koblenko, and Jamai Loman have supported the initiative on social media.

This initiative was a collaboration with Bloompost. Both MOAM and Bloompost participated without receiving any profits. 100% of the profits are donated to the charity; Nationaal Ouderenfonds.