MOAM x Uit in Amsterdam

The MOAM Foundation initiates authentic encounters between Amsterdam’s cultural institutions and young talents. Together they talk about the current situation, the changes in society and the creative solutions of the future. It’s a personal and intimate conversation between the great players from the past and the future.

Following the search for opportunities to be creative within the current limitations, MOAM links Amsterdam cultural institutions and established artists with upcoming talents. With the aim of gaining insight into how the current global situation was dealt with over the past months and what culture and creativity look like. These insights will be seen in the coming episodes.

MOAM links unique Amsterdammers to city hot spots. From Amsterdam artists all the way to people that influence the industry. Through a personal look behind the institutes’ scenes, an authentic reflection is created on current social events.

Because of the mix of Amsterdammers and cultural institutions, art and quarantine are illuminated from an innovative angle without melancholic or pedantic undertone. It’s a celebration of the rich creative culture. MOAM captures this unique moment in history and shows it to a broad audience through social media content, media partners, and the wide selection of the creatives involved. In this way, MOAM once again connects different parties in an inventive way to create such an innovative vision on creativity, today’s society, and the future.

Watch all episodes on Iamsterdam’s YouTube.