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Amsterdamned Girls

Amsterdamned Girls is a series capturing the women of today’s creative scene in a vulnerable and authentic way. In their own bedroom they feel safe and dare to expose themselves.


Without fancy designer clothes, amazing locations and colorful Instagram filters, Sophie van der Perre photographs these girls analogue, unedited and with barely any make-up to hide behind. The series was shot with a Mamiya RZ67, medium sized and with only 20 frames per model.


All these women work in the Dutch creative industry; as an actress, model, blogger, director or in the fashion industry. On a daily basis they are confronted with contemporary beauty standards, spend their time on followers and likes and make money with (amongst other things) their appearance, but at the same time these women are vulnerable, maybe even insecure.


This series shows the personalities of fifteen girls when they feel safe and comfortable; in their own bed. Surrounded by stuffed animals from their childhood, meaningful photos, and a bedroom full of secrets and memorabilia. At the same time, they are captured in a vulnerable moment, allowing the camera access to their safe space.