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MOAM and ARTIS joined forces for the art=ARTIS exhibition. The multidisciplinary work of 18 young artists was on display at the ARTIS Park and Micropia for a period of four months in 2018.


MOAM selected, together with ARTIS, eighteen artists from different disciplines, each of whom made a unique work especially for the exhibition. The artists were given a unique look behind the scenes and have immersed themselves in nature, history and the heritage of the park. Whilst being coached intensively by ARTIS specialists they developed work inspired by the flora, fauna and history of the park.

18 young artists 

>MOAM selected 18 young artists especially for the exhibition who drew inspiration from ARTIS. The participating artists were: Anouk van Klaveren and Dewi Bekker from Das Leben am Haverkamp, Danika van Kaathoven, Jasmijn Muskens, Jelijn Verhoeven, Jessica den Hartog, Jos Klarenbeek, Lizette Schaap, Atelier Mats, MAX/MEI, Nienke Sikkema, Rebecca Oevermann, Renee Mes, Rood Kok, Simone Melt, Sterre Fenna, Tess van Zalinge, Werner Konings and Zsofia Kollar.