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MOAM with EYE&ME was a photography-exhibition at the EYE museum where nine contemporary and renowned photographers and nine actors and actresses worked together. In teams of two they gave a new interpretation to a scene out of the new film of Norbert ter Hall: &Me.

Three different scenes were selected from the movie. Every scene got interpreted by three different photographers. The photographers were teamed up with a known Dutch actor or actress to replace the movie scene in one image. This resulted in three different interpretations of the same scenes.


MOAM presents EYE&ME participants:

  • Bertien van Manen – Teun Luijkx
  • Claudia Crobatia – Gijs Scholten van Aschat
  • Iris Ooms – Tjitske Reidinga
  • Joeri Bosma – Georgina Verbaan
  • Marco van Rijt – Halina Reijn
  • Robin de Puy – Monique van de Ven
  • Ruud van der Peijl – Jacob Derwig
  • Paul Bellaart – Achmed Akkabi
  • Wendelien Daan – Sigrid ten Napel


The exhibition showcased the interesting collaborations between established names and promising upcoming talents from the Dutch film- and photography industry.