Generation 2016

MOAM returned with the fastest exhibition ever: Generation 2016 – a three-hour exhibition showcasing unique, versatile and multidisciplinary work. The participants graduated in the Netherlands within the previous 18 months and showed new and innovative work. The participants are all pioneers within their own discipline; varying from documentary to fashion design and from photography to illustration. This made Generation a raw reflection of the current creative Zeitgeist of 2016.

The concepts’ short timespan fits perfectly to the fast-paced society of today but at the same time the concept gives our participants enough time to show off their work. The first edition of Generation took place in 2015 and received more than 1000 visitors in 3 hours’ time and also it attracted huge attention in the offline- and online-media.

The exhibition took place in “De School”, which is an industrial and raw space in Amsterdam. The artists and their work were the focal point. The exhibition had been brought back to the basics; all attention and focus went to the exhibited work and the participants. All 16 participants received absolute creative freedom in the way of presenting their work. Through this you will notice a unique personal artists’ vision as well as a sneak-peek of the current creativity.

Generation 2016 does not have any commercial/profit interests; it’s a platform that wants to showcase young talent to the press and visitors.

Participants Generation 2016:

Karim Adduchi / Wessel Baarda / Daan van Citters / Koers von Cremer / Maurice van Es / Elene Hulleman / Ilco Louis / Thomas van Rijs / Jelte Schmidt / Sanne Schuurman / Karlijn Sibbel / Iwan Smit / Marily Sonneveld / Emilie van Spronsen / Isabelle Tellie / Maria Wöstmann