MOAM collective 2015

After a successful first edition of MOAM Collective, the year 2015 started with a new group of young designers for the second edition of MOAM collective. Five talented designers from different academies across the Netherlands worked together on one collection that presented midst 2015. The collective was coached by established names from the Dutch industry such as Viktor&Rolf, KLM and Phillips. This year the process was focused on innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and collaboration. It led to a great and unique show at Het Rijksmuseum.

The team

MOAM selected five young designer who all graduated cum-laud but still did not find – partly due to the crisis – their dream job. The designers are Anbasja Blanken (HKU), Barbara Langendijk (ArtEZ), Maartje Peeters (AMFI), Tijme Veldt (Rietveld) and Hanna Wouda (KABK).

The coaches

The team was supported weekly by 3 fashion-pioneers; Frans Ankoné, Peter Leferink and Mariette Hoitink. Apart from the coaches, the collective was coached by Viktor&Rolf, Mart Visser, Claes Iversen, Cecile Narinx, John de Greef, Georgette Koning, Marly Nijssen and Saskia Stockler. By connecting these coaches, with their immense know-how and experience, to the young talents an intellectual cross-over arose.

The process

For 5 months the collective worked closely together on one fashion collection. The collection consisted of 24 looks for men and women. The whole process, from concept to presentation, were done by the collective itself. They were supported and advised by several coaches. The collective gained knowledge and grew as designers. With the help from the students from the Meester Opleiding Coupeur, they worked out the concept to a full collection. In the summer of 2015, the collection was presented during a catwalk show at the iconic Rijksmuseum.

The partners

The partnerships with Rabobank and HTNK (fashion recruitment & consultancy) were prolonged. MOAM also found new partners in three unique businesses from the Dutch creative industry. Together with Phillips PerfectCare, the collective had the opportunity to work with the newest iron- and steam technologies. With KLM, they looked at sustainability and up-cycling of old materials such as covers, rubber-ties and safety belts. The collaboration with Textiel Museum gave the designers the opportunity to create their own materials and produce them at the TextielLab (a worldwide first for innovation, craftsmanship and artistic assembly). Next to these fantastic partners, MOAM also received funding for MOAM collective 2015 from the Amsterdam Funding for the Arts and Meester Koetsier Foundation.