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MOAM Exhibition

The first MOAM project took place in 2012. A fashion-exhibition where current creative talents gave a new interpretation to twelve highlights from the Dutch fashion history. All iconic names, from the past and current, in the field of fashion, design, photography, illustration and journalism came together in one exhibition.

This exhibition was Martijn Nekoui’s graduation project from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The intention was to give youngsters an educative and interesting history lesson while the older target group could see the young talents of today.

MOAM showcased the following talents:

  • Avenue – Frans Ankoné translated by Sonny Groo and   Marco van Rijt
  • Constance Wibaut translated by Georgette Koning
  • Ellis Faas translated by Inglot Cosmetics
  • Frans Molenaar translated by Jan Boelo Drenth
  • Fong Leng translated by MaryMe-JimmyPaul
  • Linda Spierings translated by Marte van Haaster
  • Marte Röling translated by Martine Johanna
  • Mathilde Wilink translated by Aynouk Tan
  • Paul Huf translated by Petrovsky & Ramone
  • Puck & Hans translated by Nelleke Strijkers – SPRMRKT
  • Viktor & Rolf translated by Winde Rienstra
  • Iconic pieces from Mac & Maggie and G-Star

The past years have been extremely successful for the Dutch fashion industry. Through this exhibition MOAM was able to showcase all these successes. For example the eccentric designer Fong Leng, photographer Paul Huf and Avenue and the very first Dutch magazine with international allure. These icons were not only exhibited but were also used as a source of inspiration to re-interpret them in a new way by Dutch top talents such as fashion journalist Georgette Koning, denim giant G-Star and rising star Jan Boelo Drenth. The original piece and the new re-interpretations were presented next to each other, which resulted in an innovative and creative view on Dutch fashion.

The outcome was an inspiring exhibition that combined established names with unique talent. An interesting cross-over between all facets and disciplines in fashion.