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MOAM voor HEMA 2015

The second edition of MOAM voor HEMA consisted out of a holiday-collection. Ideal items for the December month. The 14-piece collection is designed by a new MOAM collective consisting of three young and talented designers. It’s a high-quality and sophisticated collection for the Dutch women.

After the success of last year, the collection got extended with different timeless and affordable designs, especially developed for the holiday season. Several dresses, a 3-piece suit and a comfortable knitted sweater were made.  Accessories were also developed such as a stockings and a necklace. Next to this, there was also a follow-up of the well known “rookworsten t-shirt”; the iconic MOAM for HEMA christmas sweater.

All items are made with high-quality material and with an extra eye on detail and finishing. The design collective was assembled by initiator Martijn Nekoui and consists of design-alumni Aniek Zinken (ArtEZ), Christa van der Meer (KABK) and Joanne de Hoop (AMFI). The last couple of months they have been supervised by coaches Frans Ankone (Vogue and Avenue), Peter Leferink (hoofd design AMFI) and Mariette Hoitink (HTNK and Jeans School).