“Every year, MOAM foundation connects with a good cause. This year, it’s a mixed group of creatives for Project Gambia. The result demonstrates the diversity of Gambia. I am proud of the final results.”

Corendon x MOAM

MOAM and Corendon worked together to portray the Gambian ‘Smiling coast of Africa’ in new ways. Eight creatives with different backgrounds had the opportunity to capture West Gambia in their own style. Each of them selected three images from their work to sell in order to raise money for a good cause. The money raised goes to the Gambian Foundation Humanity and Nature Connections. The photographs are available for sale via www.corendon.nl/projectgambia.

MOAM and Corendon selected eight diverse photographers and creatives to work on this project. The group involved a combination of photographers, online influencers, and familiar faces in Dutch culture.

The participants of this project involved Kim Feenstra, Lize Korpershoek, Frank van Bennekom, Chloe Leenheer, Vivian Hoorn, Kay Nambiar, Giaro Giarrantana and Sabrina Meijer.