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MOAM&FOAM was a fashion exhibition in which fifteen contemporary photographers and fifteen designers worked together. They gave a new interpretation on three well-known photographs from iconic Dutch photographers. In this exhibition, both established names as upcoming talents in the field of photography and design came together.

Participants: Jan Taminiau, G-Star, Claes Iversen and Sjaak Hullekes. Participating photographers were Martien Mulder, Paul Bellaart, Marc de Groot and Sophie van der Perre. This led to a surprising mix of established names and young creatives.


Photographers and designers that collaborated for MOAM:

  • Alique & SPR+
  • Blommers/Schumm & Mattijs van Bergen
  • Carmen Kemmink & Borre Akkersdijk
  • Dennis Swiatkowski & Frans Molenaar
  • Jasper Abels & Avelon
  • Jolijn Snijders & Claes Iversen
  • Maarten Alexander & Sjaak Hullekes
  • Marc de Groot & Yvonne Kwok
  • Martien Mulder & Peet Dullaert
  • Paul Bellaart & Jan Taminiau
  • Philippe Vogelenzang & Winde Rienstra
  • Robin de Puy & Francisco van Benthum
  • Sanja Marusic & Hellen van Rees
  • Sophie van der Perre & G-Star
  • Valentina Vos & Nisha Rabiee


This exhibition was the second edition of a MOAM project and was acquired by photography museum FOAM. MOAM took three renowned Dutch photographers (Anton Corbijn, Inez van Lamsweerde and Erwin Olaf) and one iconic photograph. This resulted in five different interpretations of the same photograph by the young talents. Apart from that, every photographer got teamed up with a Dutch designer. In this way, inspiring and creative combinations were created that created a new look against iconic imagery. An interesting collaboration between established names and promising new talent from the Dutch fashion and photography world arose.