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For the first time ever, Paradiso will turn into an open house, on Thursday September 13th. This year Paradiso celebrates their 50th anniversary, the perfect occasion for a multidisciplinary exposition, talks and a party organized by MOAM.

25 young artists exhibit their work inspired by the concerts, the authentic history and the highlights of the iconic pop temple. Art, creative expression and freedom. Sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll of the year 2018!

MOAM offers 25 young talents the stage of Paradiso. To give them the opportunity to create art in complete creative freedom, inspired by Paradiso in its widest sense. These diverse and unique works will be exhibited throughout the building; from the iconic balcony to the entrance and from the wild basement to the legendary stage: art everywhere.

In addition to these 25 talents, MOAM will host various talks with, among others managing director of Paradiso Mark Minkman, Emma Wortelboer, Nellie Benner, Rens Polman and Bo Hanna.

After the exposition, MOAM celebrates Paradiso’s anniversary party with everyone: sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll of the year 2018. Both Paradiso and MOAM offer young talent a platform. The two combine their powers for this unique event where creativity, diversity and sex come together.

Bobbine Berden, Esmée van den Akker, Bastiaan van Benthem, Babette Bervoets, Daphne Bleeker, Sander Coers, Ingrid Davids, Marlous Dirks, Janneke Donker, Sandra Golub, Frenske Jansen, Laura Laasik, Leroy Verbeet, Jasmijn Muskens, Judith Pool, Mirre Yayla Seur, Marielin Simons, Tony Ta, Safira Taylor, Tereza Teluchkova, Marieke Teunissen, Simon Uyterlinde, Ingrid Verweijen, Willem Warrink en Domas Anne van Wijk

Fflean, Paul Sinha, Mark Minkman, Mc Melodee, Sinem Kavus, Nellie Benner & Rens Polman, Tim Lindeman, Anne Bosveld, Alex Hersée, Emma Wortelboer en Bo Hanna.

Moreno Perna Dance, DJ シ ome Kev, Sinem Kavus, Performance group Rotor, Giek_1, VJ Vish, Jerrausama, DJ Bella van Buren, DJ Pokko Elective, VJ Luc Schraauwers, DJ Tienson, VJ Bent van den Berg, DJ Pokkoehontas, DJ Drknghts Collective, Club Geluk, Studio Airbrush Art Sylvia, Tim Lindeman

In collaboration with:
Paradiso Amsterdam, Oatly, Vodka absolut , Brouwerij Poesiat & Kater and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst