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Sophie van der Perre x MOAM

In the photo series ‘laat haar stralen’, Sophie portrays twenty-six strong women with her analog camera. The authentic and diverse results could exclusively be seen during the pop-up exhibition.

All about hair

MOAM, together with Sophie van der Perre, selected twenty-six Dutch power women in which diversity, strength, and authenticity are key. The women are portrayed at their best and most characteristic way. Besides the portraits, all women also tell personal stories about their uncertainties, ‘good-hair-days’ and moments of happiness.

From crowned women, as sixfold kickboxing champion Denise Kielholtz to Curvy Supermodel winner Isadee Jansen to fashion queens as Liesbeth in ‘t Hout, Caroline Krouwels, and Puck Kemmink. In addition, Sophie also portrayed influencer pioneers such as Hodan Yusuf and Celeste Vignois. She also let Amsterdam’s it-girls Jinan Vyent, Justine Cornelissen and opera singer Nina van Essen shine.

Exclusive opening

The exhibition was held on Thursday night the 28th of June exclusively for invited guests and press. While enjoying a drink and snack they could admire the portraits in 5&33 Gallery in art’otel Amsterdam. The portrait series, made possible by Andrélon, was open to the public until the 5th of July 2018.