photography by Jip Broeks

MOAM x Plan International

October 11 is International Day of the Girl, declared by the United Nations and recognized worldwide. It is high time to tear down barriers of discrimination and prejudice that continue to hold girls back. 

MOAM and Plan International are working together for this year’s International Day of the Girl, on Sunday, 11 October 2020. A temporary tattoo with a lasting message; equal rights and opportunities for girls and boys. Something that does not yet apply to millions of girls worldwide. When they are still children, they are given in marriage and are not allowed to finish school like their brothers and cannot make decisions about their own body and life. Just because they are girls.

– Every 3 seconds, an underaged girl gets married somewhere in the world.
– More than 130 million girls worldwide do not go to school.
– Teenage pregnancies are the number 1 cause of girls’ death aged 15 to 19.

Plan International ambassadors Simone Kleinsma, Giovanca and Moïse Trustful, and other well-known Dutch celebrities such as Vivienne van den Assem and Victoria Koblenko show that girls and boys deserve the same future opportunities! They had their picture taken with the temporary tattoo and thus share this lasting message with the whole of the Netherlands. Besides the run-up to World Girls Day, dozens of other celebrities will share a photo on social media of them with the tattoo. #thefutureisequal

Young illustrator Samira Charroud designed the tattoo.

Plan International is committed to one world in which all children can fully develop. A world that respects the rights and dignity of children. This is only possible when girls and boys, women and men, and anyone with different gender identity, are equivalent. Everyone should have the right to the same opportunities and possibilities and shape their lives according to their own wishes.