Amsterdamned Girls

Amsterdamned Girls is a photo series capturing the women of today’s Dutch creative scene. The purpose of this series is to demonstrate female vulnerability, captured in their own bedrooms, a safe space where they are comfortable with exposing their true selves.


Excluding the use of designer clothes, aesthetic locations, and vibrant Instagram filters, Sophie van der Perre photographs these girls with analogue, unedited, and with minimal makeup. The series was shot with a Mamiya RZ67, medium sized and with only twenty frames per model.


These women are all immersed in career paths that exposes them to unrealistic beauty standards and puts then in a position where the number of followers and likes on a picture equate monetisation. They often have to rely on appearance in order to attain those things. Van der Perre tries to capture a world where beauty standards and followers do not exist, where the women are their true, vulnerable, and exposed selves: in the safety of their bedroom.