Nine young and upcoming photographers and nine esteemed actors and actresses were paired up in anticipation of a new MOAM-organised photography exhibition held at EYE museum. The prompt for each pair was to give a new interpretation to a scene from the film ‘&Me’, directed by Norbert ter Hall.

Three scenes from the movie were selected and appointed to the photographers. This would be the source of inspiration for the upcoming project. The scene would be translated into a single, still image incorporating the actor or actress from the pair. Three entirely different interpretations were created from the same scene.

MOAM presents EYE&ME participants:

  • Bertien van Manen – Teun Luijkx
  • Claudia Crobatia – Gijs Scholten van Aschat
  • Iris Ooms – Tjitske Reidinga
  • Joeri Bosma – Georgina Verbaan
  • Marco van Rijt – Halina Reijn
  • Robin de Puy – Monique van de Ven
  • Ruud van der Peijl – Jacob Derwig
  • Paul Bellaart – Achmed Akkabi
  • Wendelien Daan – Sigrid ten Napel

These collaborations exhibited the different styles of each photographer in new and inventive ways and provided the young talents with a platform to work intensively with esteemed names in the industry and showcase their talents in a nationally-renowned film museum.