“not only the content, but also the timespan of the exhibition reflects the current generation. They’re used to a fast-paced lifestyle…”

Generation 2015 - 2020

Generation is a MOAM-initiative with the aim to unite multidisciplinary, recently graduated creatives and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their work in a three-hour pop-up exhibition. The artists and their work are the focal points. Without any commercial or profit benefits, MOAM provides young talent with a platform to demonstrate their work to the general audience as well as press, giving them a network and publicity. The artists are pioneers within their own discipline, candidates varying from documentary-film making to fashion design, and from photography to illustration, who graduated in the Netherlands in the last year. Generation is a raw reflection of the current creative Zeitgeist, an exhibition attracting over a thousand visitors in a three-hour time span and drawing huge online and offline attention.

The public was introduced to the first edition of Generation in 2015. Involving twenty-six young creatives, from disciplines such as 3D art to graphic design, and from photography to fashion, their work was exhibited in the fastest art exhibition ever. The prompt was this: through the first letters of their surnames, each participant was coupled with a letter from the alphabet. This letter was the source of inspiration for each work. In full creative and artistic freedom, they went to work. The participants demonstrated a broad view of today’s creativity, and with the success of this first edition, Generation became an annual event.

The following editions took place in well-known and respected venues, including ‘de School’, VondelCS, NewWerkTheater, and LAB 111. Each year dedicated itself to different themes, the most recent edition being all in the name of women and female artists. Because of the promising nature of this innovative exhibition, many respected companies agreed to work in partnership. Belvedere, among those partners, coined the exhibition a “unique, creative, and wilful platform”.

The partners include the following companies: Belvedere, Marc O’Polo, HTNK, Febo, Warsteiner, and Absolut Vodka among others.

The future holds many more Generation exhibitions, as a result of its astounding national success. The next one is coming up in 2020, so stay tuned.