In 2017, MOAM and PostNL collaborated to give young, upcoming talents the opportunity to design the annual December holiday stamps. Dutch celebrities like Lieke van Lexmond, Tim Hofman, and Anita Witzier shared their personal Christmas anecdotes that served as inspiration for the young artists to create their stamp.

PostNL has a long and rich history of high-profile stamps. Famous artists and celebrated designers have created tiny works of art in the form of stamps for decades. The 2017 December stamps were even more special because of their high production quantity. PostNL delivered over 85 million Christmas cards.

All artists and Dutch celebrities were nominated and paired up by MOAM. The duos included one artist and one celebrity:

Nouchka Huijg & Anita Witzier
Adrian en Gidi & Ruth Jacott
Lieke van der Vorst & Loretta Schrijver
Loutje Hoekstra & Lieke van Lexmond
Anne Claire de Breij & René en Natasja Froger
Jesse Strikwerda & Tim Hofman
Emilie van Spronsen & Irene Moors
Jessica Nielsen & Tineke Schouten
Arjen Roos & Janny van der Heijden
Sella Molenaar & Wendy van Dijk

Based on the personal stories of the Dutch celebrities, the artists created ten unique stamps and matching cards. They worked in complete creative freedom to shape these personal memories into an art piece.

The December stamps were sold in a unique box at more than 60.000 PostNL retail locations.